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We are committed to helping indigenous Africans invest at home. Find out all the opportunities available for you by joining the community.

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As a volunteer, you would have access to events, networks and a great deal of community building experience.

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Support Isedale initiatives by donating to the platform our our various projects. Funding from donors are used to promote African causes & heritage.

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Our Culture, Our Heritage.

The African culture has suffered major setbacks over time as lots of Africans adopt new or foreign dressing, dance, language, religion, food etc. Across the African continent, there is a constant theme that shows the erosion and loss of culture and traditions. There must be revitalization and restoration of our dying cultures in the African continents and across the diaspora.
We hope to restore the African people to our cultural heritage through social and economic projects. This will ensure that they share the rich culture of Africans through the beauty of arts in human nature, and this subsequently reinforces our belief that ”Every human life is precious and of equal value deserving of dignity and pride”

Celebrate our cultural heritage, values and achievement.

Can you organize a local event in your city or community?

Help us promote made in Africa outfits, product and foods.

Be part of an amazing African community of volunteers in your free time.

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Promoting Africa of the Future

Through events, Youth Festival of Arts and Culture, Exchange Programs, we hope to build the Africa of our future. We are a vibrant community of indigenous Africans living abroad and across the diaspora. We are committed to preserving the pride of our culture and heritage.

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Reinforcing our Belief in the African Identity!

Every human life is precious and of equal value deserving of dignity and pride. As Africans, our culture, identity and heritage is worth preserving and we will do all it takes to promote the beauty of our home.

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For the Culture!

Our love for Africa is a heritage!

Every African irrespective of their country is part of a long-standing family and heritage. We want to make sure no one is ever left behind wherever you may be.

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