Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

By Daniel Santano

1. Cold And Fever Remedy
Garcinia kola is effective in soothing fever, sore throat, congestion and symptoms of cold and cough. The anti-bacterial properties of the plant help in relieving from worsening of such general but irksome problems.

2. Arthritis
For potential relief in osteoarthritis, bitter kola is an excellent disease modifier. It helps in the reduction of inflammation, pain, and immovable joints. The root cause of your arthritis and displeasing pain may be a joint injury, obesity, aging or it may be hereditary.

Thus, the consumption of this miraculous plant can help cover all these problems and cure it, from the root.

3. Healthy Lungs
Lungs, the internal organ carry one of the most critical functions of the body. It helps us to breath. The considerate amount of regular consumption of the seed helps in strengthening the fibers and the lung tissue, stabilizing any counter effects.

It further assists in maintaining a good respiratory track and treats chest colds. It has a favorably high antioxidant content for a healthy body. So, if you are a smoker or even a passive smoker, definitely this is the ‘cure’.

4. Treating Malaria
Garcinia kola has anti-malarial properties. Kolaviron is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. Kolaviron is a major constituent of garcinia seed which helps in treating malaria.

No wonder, the traditional healers suggest this for an easy and free cure, straight from the mother nature.

5. Prevention From Glaucoma
An increase in eye pressure leads to glaucoma. In this era, where gadgets and work have overpowered our lives, the chances of developing glaucoma are extremely high.

Eyes speak your mind and also your health and caring for the eye is of utmost importance. So, garcinia helps to prevent eye problems.

6. Impotence Or Male Fertility
Garcinia kola plant sometimes cures impotency by boosting up a man’s performance.

This new study might just strike your luck at the best economical price without any public interference or any knowing!

7. Weight Loss
This undying problem of gaining weight can be solved in an easy way. Bitter kola has been known as a natural hunger suppressant, thereby, increasing the urge to drink water.

8. Immunity
This African plant is a natural immunity booster against various deadly viruses like HIV, AIDS, ebola and flu. Nature has its own natural medicines to treat diseases and infections which science hasn’t developed yet.

9. Diabetes
The wonderful properties of bitter kola treat diabetes naturally on regular and considerate consumption. Garcinia-IHP is beneficial as a diabetics supplement.

10. Anti-Poison
The bark and the seed when eaten together helps in detoxification of the human body during food poisoning.

Saponin found in bitter kola is used as a liver tonic, assisting in the gallbladder functions because of its cleansing properties.

11. Life Prolongation
Certain African cultures and scientific studies believe that bitter kola breaks down glycogen in the liver, prolonging life.

12. Anti-Cancerous
Bitter kola can be used in treating breast cancer as it has an anti-cancerous effect. Nature has a cure for something incurable as well.

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