Isedale is a Yoruba word that speaks to our culture and heritage. Despite our varying roots as Africans, there are norms, traditions, and lifestyles that bind us together. This is why we at Isedale share the history of our culture with our community and hope to help you navigate the journey back your own history.

Yoruba History

The Yorubas originated from Ile-Ife, arose and became quite popular by their trading with the Portuguese, which gave them a large supply of guns.

However, they were unable to push back the Fulani who invaded them and pushed much of the Yoruba to the south.

In the late 1800s, the Yorubas formed a treaty with the Fulani and in 1901 they were colonised by the British. Because of their enmity with the Fulani who are the great Islamic evangelists, most of the Yoruba people do not hold to Islam but instead worship many of the gods and spirits that the Yoruba hold to.

Economically, Yoruba people primarily engage in agriculture, with about 15% of the people employed as merchants or artists and craftsman.

One of the features that make Yoruba people unique is their tendency to form into large city groups instead of small village groups. The Yorubas are today one of the three main ethnic groups that make up Nigeria. They can also be found in neighbouring countries.

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